Software Release Log

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Starting in May 2021 you’ll find here the release log for the IoT Creators portal and backend (bug tracker and release dates)

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.14 - Released: 28.04.2021

    * [IC-5099] - [BE] Bug: orders of more than one starterkit
    * [IC-5107] - [FE] “Save” button for password change in account settings not working properly
    * [IC-5110] - [FE] In a CoAP project the protocol is still selectable also for non-first devices
    * [IC-5113] - [FE] Green success message is NOT displayed after saving application URL successfully.
    * [IC-5117] - [FE] 404 on googletagmanager
    * [IC-5132] - [FE] Tab component does not show which tab is active
    * [IC-5142] - [BE] error on order edit in admin for orders when account is not yet created

    * [IC-5002] - [FE] LTE-M Starter Projekt FE Design
    * [IC-5003] - [BE] LTE-M Starter Project

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.15 - Released 02.06.2021

    * [IC-5129] - [FE] deactivate IMPORT DEVICES button when no file selected
    * [IC-5135] - [BE] Store Starterkit name as Project name
    * [IC-5136] - [FE] After ending a project it is still shown after closing the modal
    * [IC-5155] - [FE] Order flow error related to postal code and country
    * [IC-5156] - [FE] Error on register form
    * [IC-5157] - [FE] Edit billing address on Invoices page not working

    * [IC-5128] - [FE] Inner margin for the logo image

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Release Notes - IoT Creators - Version 1.0.16 - Release planned for CW25

    * [IC-5133] - [BE] Can not register UDP or Neul-CoAP devices from a CSV file
    * [IC-5153] - [BE] Order flow: company name empty, NA on shipping label
    * [IC-5183] - [FE] 404 page wording confusing

    * [IC-5134] - [FE] Opt-In for Newsletter during account creation
    * [IC-5198] - [FE] implement limit for project title to match allowed size in DB